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What sets our HOTEL RMS apart from the rest

Hotelitix analyzes complex data points, thousands of times a day, so you don’t have to.


Set control parameters and let HOTELITIX update your rates automatically. Want to check the rates before publishing? HOTELITIX also works in manual mode.

365 Days of Rate Decisions

HOTELITIX produces rate decisions for up to 365 days in advanced, updates continuously throughout the day.

Innovative Dashboard

Our state-of-the-art cloud-based Dashboard has been meticulously designed for ease of use and effectiveness.

Event Manager

Tag special and city-wide, local events to let HOTELITIX know of particular key dates and periods.


Market Data

Monitor the comp set and your position to ensure you are maximizing revenue opportunities.

Market Segmentation

Understand where your business is coming from to ensure you have the right strategy for each segment.


PMS/Pace Tracking

Keep track of your performance and booking window and compare these two previous periods.

PMS Integration

All the data is extracted automatically from your PMS. No additional data entry required from the user.


Rate Rules

Create rate rules to impact the rate decisions based on occupancy, lead time, pace or even comp set pricing.

Real-Time Smart Pricing

Our advanced algorithm continuously analyzes thousands of data points and patterns to estimate demand and generate the most optimal

Two-Way Distribution

Sync rates & availablity for all booking channels and receive reservations automatically into your PMS. Faxes and emails are a thing of the past.

User Management

Create and assign permission levels to users in your team.

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Highest reported increases in the industry.


Advanced analytics and rate management system.


Simplified interfaces that you can understand.


Cloud-based secured and stable access.


The most affordable system in the market.

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